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Le Code is an audio-visual installation, a painting in constant evolution.
A poetic representation of our every day thoughts, feelings, emotions. As small and big as they can be.
Like memory, the accumulation of lines and sounds creates a maze, inviting the viewer to let his/her thoughts drift from one place to another.

Le Code started as a live audio-visual performance with musician Laurent Lavolé.
It is a computer program created by Yoann Trellu with Max/Msp/Jitter. This software uses the audio signal to generate and control the visual. Although the interaction between sound and visual is "physical" and mandatory, this is not the subject of Le Code. The software uses the sound to work but doesn't really represent it graphically.

Le Code is programed as a visual instrument, allowing live play through keyboard shortcuts, midi controller and direct action on the software.

The graphics are generated live and are influenced simultaneously by two factors:
- a “mechanical”, automatic one: the computer program reacting to the music.
- a human, sensitive one: live play.

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This project is evolving to an installation version, replacing Laurent Lavolé and Yoann Trellu by a software.


Makeup - 4min35s
Surface ReduiteSurface Réduite - 7min
Surface Reduite
Autopsie d'une herbe - 4min
Autopsie d'une herbe
Une sieste sur la plage - 3min
Une sieste sur la plage
Meeting an old friend - 2min46s
Meeting with an old friend
Ashra Mae, composition commissioned by the Berlin Laptop Orchestra, 2007 - 20min

"Workshop" video - 7min