Yoann Trellu / Keyframed
38 year old, French.
I have a medico-scientific education (Xray technician)
My first medium was photography, which I practice since more than 20 years. I started working with live projections in Nantes, France, in 1999.
I first used photography and slide projections, but I quickly switched to computer and video projection.
I’m very interested in real time video software and especially Max/Msp/Jitter.
In October 2003 I move my base of activity to Berlin and started to collaborate with dance productions.
Since 2004 I worked on 50 stage productions with more than 10 different directors in Europe, USA and Asia.
I create imagery as well as project-specific multimedia software.

My main themes are:
- Transformation, abstraction of an image.
- Geometry and the idea that shapes and colors can tell stories.
- The relationship between image and sound: what sound can change in the perception of an image and vice-versa.
- Using automatic and random processes in order to achieve “computer creativity”: using the computer not only as a tool but as an artistic partner.
- Improvisation, experimentation, surprises.
Work selection:
Post-Theater (Berlin, New York, Tokyo), Konzert theater Bern (Switzerland), Landestheater Coburg (Germany), Jess Curtis-Gravity (Berlin, San-Francisco),
Tatraum Projekt Schmidt (Dusseldorf), Ten Pen Chii (Berlin), Shang Chi Sun (Berlin, Taiwan), Junge Staatsoper (Berlin), Theater Strahl (Berlin)

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